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About Us

Manoj Kumar is an artist who works and lives in Doha. At an early age, he was always fascinated by colours and the imaginary world they could create. Naturally, he moved to the world of art. After schooling, he completed fine arts at Calicut University- Kerala, India. Later moving to Doha and continuing with his profession, his passion for art took a back seat. After years, he realized his love for art and started working for it. "It was my passion and dream to be an artist, and it stuck with me throughout my life.

About Art

Art is where we make meaning beyond lan-guage. It is an expression of our thoughts, emo-tions, intuitions and desires, but it is even more personal than that. It's about sharing the way we experience ethe world, which for many is an extension of personality. It is the communication of concepts that cannot be faithfully portrayed by words alone. That being said, his works involves watercolour, acrylic, Oil color, pencil drawing, scupture, photography etc.

His art has been part of various competitions and exhibitions held in Qatar. He was the winner of recently held competition conducted by Cass Art Qatar. He also had been a part of "One book, One Doha" Campaign conducted by Qatar National Library in collaboration with Qatar reads and Ministry of Culture.

"The support he received and still receiving from Instagram followers is immense and overwhelming and had always been a motivation" , he adds on to his statement. Qatar has given him vast varieties of opportunities to master his art which helped him grow along his journey as an artist.


  • March 23 /2002 katara culture village (The big book of Doha event)
  • April 13 /2023 Al riwaq gallery Qatar museum Qatar.
  • October 10/2023 Art full mind exhibition. Qatar foundation. Education city . Qatar
  • November 28/2023 Qatar fine art exhibition. Al Jasra cultural & social club Qatar.
  • February 4/2024 ‘Thanaya’ katara Arabian horse festival 2024 art exhibition.
  • February 16/2024 Al Shaqab Horse race 2024 Education city Qatar.
  • March 4/2024 ‘Grow ‘ group Exhibition. Workinton , almuftha Building. Lusail - Qatar