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Rediscovering a Passion: The Artistic Journey of Manoj Kumar

Manoj Kumar, an artist based in Doha, has always been captivated by the transformative power of colors and the imaginary worlds they can create. This early fascination naturally led him to pursue a career in art. After completing his schooling, he graduated with a degree in Fine Arts from Calicut University in Kerala, India. Although his passion for art took a back seat when he first moved to Doha to continue his professional journey, Manoj eventually rekindled his love for creating art. Reflecting on his journey, he says, "It was my passion and dream to be an artist, and it stuck with me throughout my life." Today, he dedicates himself to his artistic pursuits, continually inspired by the vibrant interplay of colors and the limitless possibilities they offer.

Our Mission

To passionately pursue and create art that reflects the beauty and depth of the imaginary world, while continuously evolving as an artist.

Our Vision

To inspire and connect people through the vibrant interplay of colors and imagination, creating artworks that evoke emotions, provoke thought, and transform spaces.






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